Child Minding

KAPA St Johann in Tirol

The KAPA Nursery in St. Johann in Tirol was opened in 2008.

We offer the following forms of childcare.

Day Nursery for 0-3 years

After School Care from 6 years

Holiday Care from 4 years.

 We are open all year round from Monday to Friday  7am – 7pm

 Tel: Patricia Waltl: +43 664 510 49 55

Tel: Karin Haberl: +43 664 149 46 41



Nursery St Johann in Tirol

KAPA Babysitting

 Do you need a babysitter for your child sometimes?

Our Babysitters have a Babyfit Course qualification and as such, the costs  are Tax Deductible.

If you require a Babysitter, please contact us either via email  or by telephone +43 664 5104955 or +43 664 1494641


A short excerpt from our Babysitters

 Babysitter OLIVIA  “.. as my mother is working in Childcare, I have always had a lot contact with small children and spent a lot of time with then growing up. Now that I am older, I enjoy being a babysitter and spending time with the kids and giving them my attention…”

 Babysitter MONIKA: “… I enjoy spending my free time with children. I am studying as a preschool teacher in Innsbruck and babysitting is an ideal balance….”

 Babysitter JULIA: “..I particularly enjoy  doing crafts and drawing with the children. I have 2 young brothers, that I do lots with…”

 Babysitter CARINA “…in my spare time, I enjoy  spending time with the little people..”


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